Nick Thompson has considerable experience in rapidly improving progress and raising attainment in a number of secondary mathematics departments.  In addition to this he has been a member of the Senior Leadership Team in 3 secondary schools in the Yorkshire and the Humber area, responsible for Curriculum Development, Timetabling and Using Data to Improve Performance.

He is currently leading a very strong mathematics department of over 20 staff on a split site secondary school in South Yorkshire and is currently focused on developing an outstanding curriculum for the new mathematics GCSE and making sure that all groups of students achieve the top end of their potential.  He is also leading the whole school introduction of a new tracking system for life without A*-G and is a key member of a project team introducing systems for measuring the quality of Teaching Over Time.



Nick is able to offer a whole range of support to help you to improve the mathematics provision in your school or academy:

  • Initial investigation into the strengths and areas for development
  • Action plan on how to become outstanding
  • Focused staff development and INSET
  • Team teaching and modelling of lesson craft
  • Development of schemes of work for the new GCSEs
  • Developing robust assessments which give an accurate picture of where students are
  • Training on using data effectively to tackle underperformance and to plan for future learning
  • Setting up intervention programmes to get students back on track
  • Conducting Quality Assurance audits
  • Strategic support for schools without a Head of Department
  • Mentoring and Coaching for schools with an inexperienced Head of Department

Using Data Across the School

Nick is able to support individual departments within your school on using data effectively to tackle underperformance, of both students and staff, and to put in interventions to raise attainment.  He can also work with members of your senior leadership team to put in place effective data systems and tracking to develop the use of school data with the new GCSE grades on the horizon.  Once these are in place he will help with staff, student and parent training to make sure the changes are effective.


With a large number of whole school timetables and modifications in SIMs under his belt Nick, is able to help you with your timetabling needs whether you are a school looking for someone to write your new timetable or a school which needs a timetable writing in a hurry, perhaps because September is looming or because you have recently lost a key member of staff or need a mid-year timetable re-write.  He can also consult or support your school in developing your new options structure which can be so critical with the new performance measures.